Tuesday, 05 February 2013

Parabola Explorer

Parabola Explorer is released today. As with the previous release, this version is compatible with HM 9.1. For this release we have focused on two aspects:

Parabola is proud to assist the AHG4 (formerly AHG5) effort, primarily through running tests against the conformance streams and giving feedback if there are any problems. Through testing with a development version of Parabola Explorer, we discovered various problems with half a dozen of these streams. Thanks to our input, the companies responsible for these faulty streams are now modifying their encoders and creating new versions of their bitstreams. Further, Parabola has discovered and reported several discrepancies between the HM reference software and the standard text.

By way of a changelog, here is what the extra “.1” on the version number brings:

Besides transitioning Parabola Explorer to the final HEVC syntax, we have more tools and features under development and are listening to our users as their opinions and suggestions are incredibly useful in creating a tool that is valuable for all HEVC technologists.

Please contact us for a fully-functional, no-obligation trial of Parabola Explorer

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