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Open Source HEVC Codec Projects

Open Source Initiative: a non-profit that maintains a list of approved open source licenses.


HEVC (also known as H.265) is an international standard for video compression. It was ratified in January 2013, showing potential to encode video at 50% of the data rate of previous standards. Open source projects are software projects whose source code is published for everyone to see and use. They are created and maintained by individuals and companies located around the world.

The HEVC / H.265 video compression standard has attracted an unprecedented number of open source projects in a relatively short period of time. The goal of this post is to curate and catalogue the current state of open source HEVC encoder and decoder implementations.

Listed here, in alphabetical order, are HEVC codec projects released under a license approved by the OSI.

ProjectLicenseEncoderDecoderHigh-level language(s)CPU-specific optimisations
cclxvGPL 2C++11jitasm (just-in-time assembly)
f265BSDCYASM assembly (AVX2 only)
FFmpegLGPL 2.1 or laterCYASM assembly (x86util.asm)
HomerHEVCLGPL 2.1 or laterCIntel intrinsics
kvazaarGPL 2CIntel intrinsics
libavLGPL 2.1 or laterCYASM assembly (x86inc.asm)
libde265LGPL 3 or laterC++Intel intrinsics
openHEVCLGPL 2.1 or laterCYASM assembly (x86util.asm) and Intel intrinsics
x265GPL 2 or laterC++YASM assembly (x86inc.asm)

Note that these projects only offer an open license for the copyright to the project source code. Unless they make separate arrangement with patent holders, users may infringe both normative and non-normative third-party patents. The HM project, in a preamble to its BSD license text makes this clear:

	The copyright in this software is being made available under the BSD
	License, included below. This software may be subject to other third party
	and contributor rights, including patent rights, and no such rights are
	granted under this license.

To ensure longevity, this page deliberately contains only a minimum of objective information. The goal is to stay up-to-date as things change. Please contact us if you see any omissions, errors or have any questions about these projects.


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